Traccar – Vehicle Tracking System

Opensource vehicle tracking software to track vehicle movement

The Idea:
Whilst working at Westdale one of my first tasks was to implement this application as, as a company that has multiple company vehicles and vehicle theft being on the rise. Westdale wanted to be able to track, monitor and pinpoint vehicle locations at any time.

I started out by installing Ubuntu onto a new virtual machine. Once that had a GUI. The boss ordered some trackers compatible with this application which require a sim card to maintain tracking.

As shown in the image below Westdale currently has 44 vehicles being tracked across the company.

Further zooming in would show precise locations of vehicles, their registration and vehicle. If the vehicle is moving it also shows speed and current vehicle milage. 

 The Design:

The application works well displaying vehicles, locations and speed at which they are travelling. Some vehicles have been stolen and we have been able to locate and recover some, some get tampered with and were unrecoverable but installing and implementing the trackers creates some piece of mind. 

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