TimeOff.Management System.

Opensource Time Off Management System

The Idea:
Whilst working at Westdale and learning that previously implemented time off systems hadn’t been successful or easy enough to use. I needed to find/develop a system which was simple and custamisably fit for purpose.

Initially I set up a virtual machine running Ubuntu. Then followed the website here to deploy it locally. I encountered some issues as you tend to do using free open-souce systems but eventually ironed them out.

The system had LDAP configuration so importing of employees to login using their current credentials was simple. I was able to set up Bank Holidays, holiday entitlement by department and configured leave approvers as per fit.

 The Design:

The system has been a sucess and has been used for the past 6 months. It allows all employees to see who is in and who isn’t in work. Requesting leave is simple to do, the only thing that i would like implementing is for the Bank Holidays and Christmas shutdowns to be visible in the team view display. 

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