Kelly Kreationz

Handmade Gifts from just £2.

The Idea:
Kelly is a friend of mine, who one day I got into crafting, which when she got started, was hooked and with no one to give her creations to, decided to sell them at cost, the more she crafted the more experience and daring she got! Business grew too fast she needed a online store where people could order personalised gifts on a strong secure website.

I had already designed her the logo and advertisement media but not the website. I asked for a list of what products would be in the store and followed the colour theme from the designs I had already created.

 The Design:

This website, no project, was HUGE, time consuming and had me learning new skills to meet secure payment requirements. I had to learn basic codes from languages such as PHP and MYSQL and to this day I need to learn more of this. I used a basic paypal store for this website but I intend to learn how to make robust uniques stores in time to meet demanding eCommerce needs.

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