JD Allstar Entertainment

For all of your entertainment needs.

The Idea:
On the road to sky-rocketing my business the Job Centre at the time put me in contact with the Princes Trust who help like minded people like myself who aren’t getting the limelight we deserve. Alongside learning about the business side of starting my own company I was invited to networking events to promote my business as well as go on business courses to learn more about business by people who had been their and done that. During a networking session which was more like a discussion of our aims of what we wanted the Princes Trust to help us with, their were people who required different skills and services. Jade was one of these people who needed help to advertise and promote thier business with the use of posters, a website, and advertising this is where I stepped in and we exchanged contact details.

During a discussion over coffee and exchanging ideas, I knew I could provide a quality service resolving the lack of SEO and advertising. The next step was to note down colour schemes and what services could be hired with Jade. These snippets of information I could then include into the website to ensure customers knew they were getting a quality service.

 The Design:

This website wasn’t handed over as such, Jade is a technophobe. We discussed I would be fully responsible for ensuring the site was live and upto date albeit being static. The posters I created were e-mailed to Jade in high resolution and I recommended local printing companies who could print the posters accordingly. I also designed business cards which would be available at venues following the same theme of the posters and website.

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