Cheryl Bridges / Chic Boutique

Cheryl is a local client who has been associated with Avon since 2014. She also started a new clothes shop business in 2019.

The Idea:
Avon: I was approached by Cheryl to create branding for Social Media, a functional mobile friendly website complete with contact forms and e-mail accounts as required. 

Chic Boutique:  The new business needed a brand and I was tasked with this.

After a brief one to one meeting I was made aware that Cheryl is a passionate Avon recruiter and knew what she wanted design wise.

Chic Boutique: Several prototypes and colour schemes were tried and tested before a final version was decided. The website is built on the Shopify platform and with some tuition Cheryl can manage her business with ease.

 The Design:

Avon: Branding didn’t take too long; the website took longer than anticipated because of mobile cross compatible functionality.

Chic Boutique: With the website live and branding up on the outside of the shop, It feels good to have my design viewable by the local area alongside being pubicly viewable on the internet. 

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