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Why me?

I admit, know and am aware of the website design competitors offering simple website services hassle free, however there is no individuality and every website created is one of several themes ready to edit, whereas my services are bespoke, unique and made to fit your brand, not just quickly edited and no personalisation for a quick profit.

What I do:

I create & design websites on a regular basis & I'm always wanting to improve, so come and give me a challenge! I aim to make the design of your website stunning but its the coding behind the scenes that bring websites to life.
Alongside this I love Computers and Technology so my skills & expertise is broad, just like my shoulders ;).


Photographs that capture your special moments will be printed in the highest quality. I will take on all aspects of photography whether its your child's first day at school, your wedding day, family portraits, corporate or press photo’s as well as band shots and ‘on set’ photography, nothing is too big nor small, just get in contact to discuss your ideas.

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