The question of whether a computer can think is no more interesting than the question of whether a submarine can swim.

Alan Turing

A little history about me: 

I like to keep things simple. I work with individual clients, not Project2042. You are as unique as I am with my work ethics.

I got interested in IT during sixth form and not knowing what to do career wise. I began my IT journey at the age of 17 by building my first computer and I haven’t looked back!

I was a runner up for the Princes Trust Flying Start Award in my early twenties, during which I learnt and developed so much personally aswell. I focused on building brands from ideas whilst networking at Prince’s Trust events and developing the start of an online portfolio. Most of my clients are from word of mouth rather than advertising as due to personal commitments meaning I couldn’t have a regular job.

Now whilst working full-time I can still commit to working on my business and helping people to bring ideas to life.


I have decades of experience in the IT industry including building systems and networks, Graphic and Website Design, Website Development, Application Development, Server Development and building systems hosted on Virtual Machines. Alongside this I have an eye for design and enjoy assisting brand new start up businesses from idea to website and social media pages.

History of KRH1Designs


At the age of 22 3 years after losing my dad, I was in need of something new to focus on and so began the start of KRH1 AKA KRH1Designs. Back then you couldn’t have a 3 letter URL (website address) unless you spent crazy money so I added the number 1. The KRH is my initials of my full name.


Runner up for the Princes Trust Flying Start Award. As part of this I was mentored by The Princes Trust for 6 months. I was referred to them to get my business off the ground as my time for working on KRH1 was sporadic due to caring duties.

2013 - 2015

After losing my mum and re-evaluating my life I decided to return to education at Doncaster College to get closer to an IT degree and went for a teaching qualification. Got a HND in Computing and Systems Development and a PGCE. I can have letters after my name and I’m qualified to teach young adults upwards.


I was the Head of Graphics and Social Media Volunteer for Worsbrough Football Club during the football season.

July 2022 - Present

Working in the IT department for Westdale Group. This is the first career job role I have been employed in IT services with. Kickstarting my IT career at the age of 36.

The gaps in this history were when I was in a caring role, looking after a family member. I was still able to take on work on an ad-hoc basis. But wasn’t actively advertising my expertise as family came first.

In April 2024 I had a revelation and my mind focused on wanting to resurrect KRH1 and at present I am actively working on getting KRH1 where I want it to be initially buying branded hoodies and giving my website a refresh and fresh take before relaunching my business.

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