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  • The way in which I work is that I will work on your project until you're 100% happy.
  • The work I create for you is unique to you, not the same themed designs site builders such as Wix and 1&1 create.
  • Communication between the client and I is to be done through e-mail or 1-1 meetings, social media is fine for initial thoughts but e-mail is preferred as I can find information easier which I need to include in my work.
  • If you have a time consuming project I require a 50% non-refundable deposit before work commences.


  • The designs I create are based upon your initial requirements.
  • Branding includes Logo Design & Social Media Designs (Profile Photo and Background Images).
  • Business Cards and Leaflet/Poster designs are priced separately.


  • I can take photographs of your items needed to complete projects.
  • I can use images provided by clients for projects which I have no responsibility over. (Such as breaching copyright which is solely down to the client)

Tech Support:

  • I believe in true professionalism, which is why we’re available whenever you need us. Whatever you need fixed, we will happily advise, assist and answer all of your questions and concerns. Not 100% satisfied with your repair? We’ll do everything we can to correct the problem. We’ll leave you a satisfied customer and are confident you’ll come back for more.
  • I can provide Tech Support remotely using TeamViewer. Using Teamviewer has no risk to your computer; therefore I do not take responsibility of anything that happens out of my control, whilst controlling your computer.

Website Design:

  • The websites I create use the latest practices and architectures; ensuring your website is current and secure.
  • Website costs are based upon the number of pages, 1-5, 5-10, 10+ respectively, pricing going up considerably in each bracket.
  • Online stores are pricey; please contact me with your project so I can cost accordingly.
  • If you require the files of your website, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Website Hosting:

  • The cost to host and maintain the website is £5 per month.
  • This includes minimal changes and upkeep to the website.
  • For larger updates an additional surcharge for that work is required.
  • In the event of no longer requiring hosting please give me 14 days notice.
  • Monthly recurring payment via PayPal.


  • For change of requirements I charge a £25 fee
  • A 5 page non e-commerce website is £100
  • £10 for each additional website page
  • £25 per hour for technical support
  • Branding starts at £50
  • Personalised e-mails/ mailbox is £5 recurring monthly payment, automatically invoiced through paypal, or setup via bank transfer or standing order
  • Starting at £250, for me to set up and develop your online store through the Shopify platform. You can be making sales within a week of our first discussion - additional costs include domain name and e-mail address setups!
  • If you have a custom project contact me to discuss competitive prices based on your budget!

Contracts and Invoices:

  • Invoices are created close to the projects completion date.
  • Contracts are to be signed by both parties prior to completion date. (Covid-19 has an impact on this, however documents can be signed digitally where possible)
  • Payment is to be made for completed projects within 48 hours after the project has been finished and handed over to the client as necessary.


  • Any work I design I get copyright by default.
  • If I wish to make use of someone else’s work I can assume they have copyright – unless they died more than 70 years ago. Copyright lasts a long time!
  • If you wish for me to incorporate someone else’s design it is your responsibility to ask the copyright holder for permission, who can set conditions such as if you need to pay to use the image and how much. I will need to see a copy of communication between both parties before using someone else’s work within a project.
  • You do not automatically get copyright when the project handover is complete. If in the future you decide to hire another party to do some creative work, please keep me involved.
  • I use your completed project in my portfolio to display my skill set to future clients, this is made visible by all and be shared on social media accounts where both you get traffic to the content made and my portfolio also gets traffic, hopefully leading to business.
  • Typefaces used within my designs are free, should you require a premium font that is an additional cost to you.
  • I would appreciate should documents need changing later such as phone or web address you to contact me to make the design changes at low cost rather than a third-party change the design configuration.

Cancellation of Services:

  • Should you require cancellation of my services such as e-mail/mailbox I require 10 working days notice where possible.
  • If communication isn't efficient from both parties I will stop working on your project until payment for my services has been made.

Communication and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation):

  • I only store information about individuals that is relevant for conducting business to business correspondence.
  • You can request to see what information I hold about you at any time.
  • I will only contact you via an @krh1.co.uk e-mail address or paypal automated invoices.
  • I will never share or sell on your information.
  • Payment is to be made for completed projects within 48 hours after the project has been finished and handed over to the client as necessary.


  • Bank Holidays - I do not work.
  • I have approximately 3 weeks off around the Christmas Holidays and New Year.
  • I wont work on my birthday (unless the price is right)
  • I am open to negotiate working these dates however I prefer not to everyone needs a break once in a while.
  • If I'm not feeling a project and we can't get an agreement on my designs and work I will schedule in a few days away from the project in order to get a fresh feel with your project.

*** Please Note: ***

If after 2 months I am still working on your project, I require full payment of the work done upto that stage in time!
Terms Last Updated: 30th December 2020

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